Production Design is a term used in the movie, television and Live Event industries to refer to the overall look of a film, TV program, or Live Event stage. Our Production Designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of the entire look and feel or your event from registration to stage sets. Working directly with the show’s Technical Director and the client, they must consult and select the settings and style to visually tell the story, all the while remaining within budget.
From early in pre-production, your production designer will collaborate with all creative departments to establish the visual feel and specific aesthetic needs of your project.
Specific Activities
• considering the production brief, which may be written or oral;
• reading scripts to identify factors indicating a particular visual style;
• helping to plan and monitoring the design budget;
• sourcing appropriate materials and researching effects;
• presenting ideas to others involved in the production, such as talent and camera operators;
• researching, estimating and preparing a property list;
• hiring and managing an art department team or teams (depending on the size of the production);
• attending progress meetings, rehearsals and filming to advise on visual presentation.

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