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Professional Teleprompting

‘Using a teleprompter will save you time and money’

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You only have one chance to get it “perfect”…

• Press Events • Political Campaigns • Corporate Training
• Conferences • Media Training • Testimonials
• Stand-ups • Infomercials • Commercials
• Presentations • Live Events • Employee Communications
• PSA’s • Corporate meetings • and more…

You’ve got enough to think about for your presentation…stressed exec

Utilizing a teleprompter will help eliminate script concerns. A professional teleprompter operator will work behind the scenes, setting up and operating the equipment.

Whether you are a seasoned presentation pro or just stepping out for the first time, your operator will work closely with you before your presentation. You will have peace of mind and be relaxed knowing that the words will be there when you need them.

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A professional teleprompter operator can help your production move ahead the way you envision it.


OnCameraA through-the-lens prompter is used when it is necessary for a presenter to deliver the lines directly to the camera, which sits directly behind the glass.  A prompter monitor can also be set up on a stand, off-camera, for ‘interview’ style shooting. Synchronized prompters can be mounted on multiple cameras, including jibs, for a larger shoot.


Presidential (podium style) prompters are used mostly in a
live event where the presenter is stationary behind a podium.

DSMsLarge monitors placed on the floor in front of the stage allow the presenter to walk freely, if desired.




Teleprompting is vital to get right – the audience immediately notices the difference. Presenters appreciate the freedom from memorizing long and complex reads, and having the ability to edit copy in real-time has changed the way we think about scripting.

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