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Teleprompter Presentation Skills Workshop

In the Beginning, There Was Only One-

In the early 1950’s, actor Fred Barton Jr. wanted a way to remember his lines and approached Irving Berlin Kahn, nephew of composer Irving Berlin and vice-president of radio and television at 20th Century Fox. Kahn went to Hubert “Hub” Schlafly, then the director of television research.

The resHundred Years Titleult, a monitor facing the person appearing on screen and rolling a script at reading speed, was named the TelePrompTer (the original trademark name), which made its debut in 1950 on the soap opera “The First Hundred Years”.The-First-Hundred-Years

The Teleprompter revolutionized television and improved the quality of on-air performers. It also made the politicians look smarter because they were looking right into the camera.


Now, Everybody is Doing It!

Herbert Hoover became the first politician to use a teleprompter in 1952, when the former president gave the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention in Chicago. Since then, every US President has used the Teleprompter.

During any Corporate Sales, Training or Awards event, mosHoover Promptert major addresses are delivered with the aid of a Teleprompter. But successful delivery is more than just reading the script.

This workshop is a must for anyone seeking work on-camera. This skill is invaluable for those seeking work in TV hosting, commercials, corporate and film. This workshop has been developed based on high demand from Corporate Executives, CEO’s, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents and Actors. Anyone that gives presentations has standardized content that is too long to accurately memorize or reads for commercials must be proficient with this skill.


You will also learn movement, expression/hand placement, timing and how to work as a team with a teleprompter operator. You will also learn how to read comfortably and accurately from a variety of Teleprompters (on-camera, Presidential, Down-Stage Monitor) both individually and in combination.  In this workshop, you will be taught how to read fluidly from a prompter using both commercials and corporate scripts.


Techniques will be taught by experienced Teleprompter operators and an award-winning member of ToastMasters International.

So set aside just one afternoon to learn the same teleprompter skills used by professionals.

After this workshop you can add Teleprompter Proficient to your resume!


Investment Cost: Only $350.00/person

Date: TBA (Call for Details)

Class size strictly limited to 12 participants.

If you would like a private session at your office, investment is $650.00/person up to limit of 3. This class will be structured to your specific needs. If you have an upcoming event, we can even use your own script, and make edits on location.