It’s All About Communication…

For you, it’s all about delivering your message in the most impactful way.

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For the technicians working with Tampa Bay Audiovisual, delivery of your message is our most important priority.

Working with Tampa Bay Audiovisual means working with the area’s best choice for presentation technology – effectively delivering your message to any size audience in any size venue.  From conference rooms to theaters, classrooms to churches, aircraft hangers to arenas, we combine our technical expertise with a personal commitment to you, your message, and your satisfaction.  Our strategy is simple:  Our success depends on yours!

…and, It’s all about experience

When you’re planning an event requiring multi-media, utilizing any mix of cameras, microphones, videos, Powerpoint presentations, sound effects, lighting, music, and more, Tampa Bay Audiovisual has the expertise, the crew and the equipment to support your vision, from Boardroom to Ballroom. We approach your project as part of your team, acting as a vested business partner, to deliver your message in the way you want… as a dynamic presentation where no technicalities get in the way.

Tampa Bay Audiovisual is a full-service audio-visual event production and support company that has built a reputation as a provider of powerful audio-visual solutions for clients of all sizes.  We have produced complex shows for some of the world’s largest companies. We have won the trust of customers who also rely on Tampa Bay Audiovisual to take their events across the country. Our team will get involved as early as you want, helping you plan your event while making the most of your budget, and taking the worry out of the technical production.